Free Projects

Free Projects library

Inside this library you’ll find many free projects to download and use. Please feel free to share with others. You may most certainly alter the designs to better suit your needs. All imagery used is open source and is free use for personal or commercial purposes. I strive to locate only free use images and never Trademarked or Copyright. All Images come from and are just for these purposes.

The Little Little Woodshop provides you with the Vcarve Pro proprietary .crv file. Included also are vector images files , .EPS(Encapsulated Postscript), .PDF(Portable Document Format) or .DXF (Digital Exchange Format). Raster image files may include .JPG, PNG,GIF, or TIF. If you need something in particular please don’t hesitate to ask.

15-INCH-CRIBBAGE-BOARD-MARINEThese are 15 inch diameter Military Cribbage boards with all branches available for full download.Please enjoy, share and distribute to show our respect for the brave Men and Women of our United States Armed Forces. These cribbage boards are a 2-person continuous track style board that can also be hung on the wall for display if you choose.

AggravationThis is the game Aggravation milled to 20 X 23 approx. inches. These program files also come with multiple other file sets so regardless of your CAD software or equipment you too can enjoy making your own game boards. This game is for 2-6 players and a PDF file in included for the rule to the game. Please enjoy, share and distribute to this file for hours of family fun. Game pieces will have to be purchased separately.



angled-staircase-panelOur angled staircase panels was an independent cnc project I utilizes in my own home. Images are provided to give a selection for this project. The angles of the panels may need to be re-adjusted for your particular situation. Any image from another part of our download library can be used to create a scene that’s more to your liking.  Please enjoy, share and distribute these files for anyone who may like to under take this project.


BENCHThe Garden bench project is for you to design an outdoor bench that looks great indoors or out. Place it in the garden, yard or favorite place. Personalization can be done to the bench’s top if you choose. This bench also is very attractive on the interior of the home and design possibilities are numerous. Please enjoy, share and distribute these files for anyone who may like to under take this project.



BirdfeederThis project is sure to keep our feathered friends warm, fed and happy. We offer you a total of 3 different projects to download and use for free. A bottle feeder, a nesting box and a birdhouse. All nested on the same piece of material. Please feel free to download and use as you see fit. Personalize, add your own graphic or even have the family help decorate these charming projects. There’s no limit as to what you can do while at the same time helping out our feathered friends.


Boston-Cane The Boston post Cane Award plaque is a way of honoring your oldest living resident in your community. The plaques are personalized for each resident to enjoy. In our download package we offer 3 different styles for you to use and personalize as you see fit. This can also add another product line to your own shop.




campfire-chairThese charming chairs are great around the fire when camping in the great outdoors with friends or family. We offer a few different styles with graphics or without. You may access other imagery from the library to use as as a center image, or design something yourself. This project comes with a large or small seat and comes apart for easy transporting. Download and mill some today.



OrnamentsWith the Holiday Season, there’s always the need for handmade items to give as gifts or sell to others. Our Christmas ornaments can be painted or you can insert that picture to give to someone special. Fabricate a bunch of them and have the kids help decorate them, again they make wonderful gifts for all to enjoy.




CNC-Kitchen-Table-Engraving-and-FabricationOur CNC Kitchen table project was an undertaking for my home. The project ease of construction made me make it available to all of you who have equipment large enough to to fabricate it. we offer up a couple of different designs and other imagery can be used to create your own design that better suits your liking. Why spend exorbitant amounts of money on log furnishings when you can fabricate your own ? Please share and enjoy.



artificial-skull-mount For our outdoor enthusiast we have a taxidermy tutorial and free to use downloadable file to create your own taxidermy plaque. This project gives you the artificial skull to place on a panel of your design to configure and scale the plaque dimensionally. This artificial skull can be purchased separately from the supplier we use. Thi makes a great project to undertake with that young person who has just harvested their first trophy animal.



clockEvery home, office and workshop has a way to tell time. In our shop we fabricate some simple to construct and personalize wall clocks. Included in the package are different faces to choose from along with the PDF to follow along with the assembly. The parts for this little wall clock are also mentioned and where to purchase them. This is a nice clock and will make a nice gift for anyone or create you another product line in your own shop.




simple-wind-roseThe cnc contour map project includes all the imagery for you to make a contour lake map. The images provided are for the compass to be placed onto the map itself. You will need to find and download the necessary body of water you choose to create your map around.





cornholeThe Cornhole or Bean bag toss game is a great way to pass the time with friends and family. Can be played indoors or out, one on one or in teams just like horseshoes. In this package we include the generic top template with many designs to choose from. This can be built with a wide choice of materials to best suit your budget. Please share and enjoy.




whitetail-cribbage-tableIn this project folder we have programmed a cribbage table for you to download and enjoy. You can swap out the center image with something that you prefer over the supplied image. Please feel free to utilize any other imagery from another part of our library. Readjust the project’s size to what better suits your needs if you’d like and please feel free to share and distribute.



dice-gameIn this project folder we have programmed for you 3 different dice game board styles. Included are the rules and printable score sheets for you to keep track of your points. This game creates hours of fun for 2 or more players and teaches basic mathematics. This game is played by ages 6-7 and up. Fabricate one today to play indoors when the cold winter months are upon us.



RADISHA Farmers Market makes a great place to sell your wares or other fabricated wood items you make. In our Farmer’s Market folder I give you some very simple to engrave single router bit garden signage. Cut your material of choice to size and mill one of many provided downloadable files and paint accordingly. Attach to a stake and sell them today to your local farmers and gardeners.Please share and enjoy.



cribbage boardIn this project folder you will find over a dozen different cribbage boards as well as the templates. This is one of the oldest card games that’s still played by thousands of people today. Please feel free to download and fabricate one of them or all of them. This is another product line we offer and when personalized it creates something that separates a good cribbage board from a great one. Please share and enjoy.



quarto-boardQuarto is a board that is played on a 4×4 grid. Game pieces share common similarities and the object of the game is to connect 4 pieces with these common similarities before your opponent. What makes this game so unique is that you pick your opponent’s pieces and vice versa. Choose carefully or you may throw your own game. Good luck and have fun.




mailboxIn this project folder you will find the files necessary to fabricate your own mailbox. Included are the program files and fully marked up step by step fabrication process. This is a fun project and personalizing it to better suit your needs is encouraged. Please feel free to alter your download to better suit your needs and taste. Please feel free to share and distribute as you see fit.



mancala-boardMancala is a two person player game that’s been played for hundreds of years. The object of the game is to capture as many game pieces as you can. The game pieces consists of beans, small stones or any objects that can fit into the pockets of the game board itself. Please download any of the files and create your own Mancala board today to play with friends and family.



holiday-packageIn our Holiday folder we have for you many different holiday files to download. I’ve given you many different files including Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Don’t see the holiday you’re looking for then please contact us and I’ll see if we can add it to the library. Please download and share whatever you would like.



DeerIn this project folder we give you a large collection of various animals and wildlife scenes for you to use in any project. Landscapes are included as well as some large area 2 dimensional wildlife scenes. Please help yourself to any or all of the folder as are way of showing our appreciation for all your support. Please enjoy.




prayer-plaqueIn this folder we give you the files necessary to fabricate your very own military prayer plaques. These can be personalized with name and rank. We enjoy milling these very much to show our respect to the brave Men and Women of our United States Armed Forces. Also included are the files for Law Enforcement as well as Fire & Rescue. These make incredible gifts as well as a product line for your own shop. Please download them all and if you would, donate one to the incredible individuals that keep us safe everyday.



ToolsOur Shop sign tutorial folder contains all the necessary vector graphic clipart files to build your own shop sign. All images are open source and come in many different formats. These files contain all the basic hand tools found in your own cnc/fab shop. Please feel free to use them as you see fit.




vacuum-tableIn this project folder our shop gives you all the necessary files to fabricate your own small vacuum table. This unit I personally own and use for making stencils for a niche client. It allows me to do my stencils flawlessly and create another niche income stream for my shop. Please help yourself and alter any downloadable file to better suit your personal needs.




MantleIn this folder we have for you a complete Fireplace Mantel Design package. All the files are included for you to create your very own mantel scene. Images can also be utilized from the wildlife scene package to create most anything you could want to design. Please feel free to download and share.



wahoo-game-boardWahoo is a 2-4 person strategy board game. Players move their game pieces around the board into their home position spots. If another player lands on your game piece then you go back to the home starting position to start that game piece over. This is a challenging game and provides hours of fun. Please share and enjoy.





Headboard-SceneOur headboard scene tutorial is our largest 2d build yet. We used multiple large pieces of open source clipart to create this charming scene. Please feel free to download it, share it and even alter it if you’d like. This scene is also applicable to other large projects like kitchen tables or bar/counter tops. There’s no telling where you can engrave it, as always it’s yours for free as our way of saying thank you for all your support !